Arthur is a London-born artist known for contemporary abstract art that is alive with colour and energy. Having spent over 25 years immersed in London's Graffiti scene, Arthur mastered his craft painting his instantly recognisable style of vibrant graffiti across London's Underground network.

His unique take on abstract expressionism has been making waves since his breakthrough debut show - Who The Fuck is Arthur?. This hugely successful exhibition payed homage to his graffiti roots and his evolution from graffiti to murals to exhibiting his work in galleries. With every piece from this debut exhibition snapped up by eager collectors in its first two weeks.

His work can now be seen on the walls on a number of leading international galleries. And now directly from the artists studio in London. - Feel free to get in touch using the contact form at the end or instagram / @itsonlyarthur

As well as exhibiting his unique twist on abstract graffiti, Arthur had already made a name for himself as a very prolific London graffiti artist as well as a large scale mural artist working alongside internationally renowned artists as well as working with an extensive list of globally recognised brands.

Painting graffiti from such a young age gave Arthur a huge advantage when graffiti and street-art started to become popular in the now trendy East London. So by aged 18, Arthur was already being invited to international art battles and large scale art events to showcase his talents.

Since then his art has gone on to appear everywhere from the Saatchi Gallery to Miami Art Basel, in Film and TV, across International Music Festivals, Playstation Games, and Global Fashion Houses.

  • Who The Fuck is Arthur?

    Arthur's breakthrough exhibition at The Camden Open Air Gallery pays homage to his graffiti roots and transition from underground to galleries. All 50 originals from this show were snapped up in the first two weeks of opening. Follow the link to read the full story.

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  • Arthur's Master Class

    Every moth Enter Gallery ask an artist to come to the gallery to host a art workshop for the local kids and parents in Brighton. Arthur was asked to host his very own Master Class and came up with some exciting new ways to get everyone involved. Follow the link to read the full story.

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  • A for Arthur Collection

    Check out the A for Arthur collection, exclusively with Enter Gallery. Crazy colourful letters in Arthur's signature style. Bursting with colour and energy. Each letter is available in two sizes and also in a high quality print signed by the artist. Follow the link to shop the collection.

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